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 Maurice El Medioni Julita 

Tribute concert Maurice el Medioni 11 February 2014

 Maurice El Medioni & "Dialna" 

"Ya Maalem"

 Maurice el Medioni "Ahlan Sahlan" 

Official Clip 2014

Algerie/France/Israel(1928) Legendary Rai pioneer and piano grandmaster, creator of the PianOriental from Algerie- France. Created his own blend of Boogie- woogie, Rumba,Rai, and Jewish Andalusia music. BBC World Music Awards Culture Crossing 2007. Participated in El Gusto film and shows.

Collaborations with Orchestras for Andalouse music and Philippe Cohen Solal ( Gotan Project) 



“EI-Médioni is like a North African Ruben Gonzalez… his world-weary tones are perfect for this louche evocation of a vanished world."

Mark Hudson, Daily Telegraph, 04/03/2006

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