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Victoria Hanna

Aramaic hip hop


 Aleph-bet (Hosha'ana) 


 Orayta (Torah) 

 Victoria Hanna Live 


Victoria performs Aramaic hip hop, wild, rhythmic rap on ancient Hebrew texts. She is a cosmopolitan, multi-faceted artist who investigates the boundaries of sound.

Victoria plays with the Hebrew letters. Jumps, tames and bewitches. Moves between ancient and contemporary music, between texts from philosophical-poetic religious writings, such as the Song of Songs and Sefer Yetzirah, and ritual connections to the aleph-bet and the letters, setting them as captivating contemporary compositions.


Her appearance/performance is unique, surprising and hypnotic unlike any other seen here.

Victoria has performed worldwide in performing arts festivals and has many collaborations spanning the world including the Bobby McFerrin, Balkan Beat Box, Mariana Sadowska, to name a few. 


The clip” Hoshana” of her upcoming album has gone viral with an enormous response worldwide.


Victoria Hanna performs with Assaf Shatil on piano and Giori Politi on Drums and Accordeon .

Special workshops and lectures are available solo and trio.




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